Tuesday, July 30, 2013

2013 New iPhone Leaked: iPhone 5C

iPhone 5C: New iPhone Leaked re-circulated in cyberspace, this time in the form of images of suspected sales of the device box. In the picture, there are a variety of boxes made of plastic with a printed inscription iPhone 5C. Phone Arena website predicts, the letter "C", the letter can mean as "color" or color. Almost all the rumors lately agreed to refer cheap version of the iPhone will be available in the colorful version.

The box design has a concept similar to the iPod touch 5th generation. Multimedia file player devices were sold in plastic box similar to that protected by a transparent box on it.
This picture is still not able to be verified. As usual, Apple is still silent and refused to comment on all the rumors that there is a new product related.

Apple rumored to be introducing iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S on 18 September 2013. Both of these products had already be circulating in the next week, on September 27.
iPhone 5C itself is known to have a code name iPhone Lite. He will have a shape similar to the iPhone 5, but with different casing material, using plastic and materials with cheaper price.

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