Friday, August 9, 2013

Microsoft Build 2013, Windows 8.1 Preview

Go IT News - Windows 8.1 has arrived, but is still beta. Updates appear at the end of the night at the Public Preview Microsoft site pages, but in its current state is really little more than a beta. FAQ is quite clear about this: there is no risk of injury, loss and damage files or discrepancy with the application, network and antivirus, and this is not significant reform irreversible problem.

2013 Windows 8.1 Preview

Back from the Start button and better scalability to very high resolution, It then was joined by others who had sprung a leak in recent weeks, as the late return of the Start button on the taskbar, or rather a replacement, because the old menu given little or does not exist. Also new to desktop environments include support for high-definition screen, treated with more complete support for scalability of graphical interface elements, the more evenly matched, although with even with some disturbances.

In addition to Windows 8.1 Public Preview 1 day there was also talk about the topic of Build more usually, that is all that concerns the platform and opportunity for developers - who then is the real target of this three-day conference. Among other important news is the new Windows Store alongside the new design also brings new promotions and opportunities for developers to monetize apps and games.

In the conference there was also talk about the new Internet Explorer 11, an upgrade of the Kinect SDK for PCs, but also Bing, who for the occasion into a real platform integrated into third party applications. Then again, Visual Studio 2013 and NET. To close Windows Phone, an application platform that grows popular among builders with a new model that comes with 4G LTE also from Samsung and HTC.

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